Day 17: Mitchell, SD to Stow, MA

Day 17 — Mitchell, SD.  Some of you know this already, and some of you don’t, but my ride has come to an end and I will be returning to Stow this weekend. I’ve been fighting a cold but thought I could ride through it. On Monday, about 40 minutes into Day 17’s ride, I started sweating profusely and falling behind my group. I was lightheaded and had to spend the day in the sag van. PAC Tour as always did everything they could do to keep me on the road but all of my options entailed spending all or part of the next few days in the van. That’s not how I anticipated crossing the country. Between the major mechanical failures (still in need of resolution) and this physical failure (and a few I have not mentioned in this blog — knees, back, foot), it became clear to me that it was not going to be possible to continue to log 100+ miles a day on the bike for the next 16 days.  I’m ending my ride in Mitchell and making my way home.

Thank you to all of you who followed me on this journey and for your valuable words of encouragement along the way! It meant very much to me and helped me get this far!


15 thoughts on “Day 17: Mitchell, SD to Stow, MA

  1. Erika

    Hi Jim,

    You made a valiant effort in the face of so many mechanical and other challenges! You can definitely hold your head high and celebrate an amazing accomplishment even if it’s not quite what you had in mind at the outset. I guess you’ll just have to try again! Looking forward to catching up when you get home.



  2. Joan DeLena

    I know how hard it must have been for to make the decision to end the ride. But it sounds like it is the right one! You had such bad luck with the bike I’m impressed that you continued as long as you did. Let’s definitely get together when you get back and feel up to it.


  3. Eve

    It’s tough to ride that kind of mileage on a loaner bike for as many days as you did last week. So now you’ve done 1 1/2 lengths of the country. Next time just add a half a length and you’ll be good.


  4. Lis

    Much admiration and love. And who knows? You may discover you like _flying_ across the country like the rest of us. 😜 (I know. I’m a pita.) Get well soon and safe journey home.


  5. Nick

    Great effort Jim! You have a lot to be proud of for what you have already accomplished. Looing forward to seeing you after you are back.


  6. David McI

    Another amazing life adventure that you should be so proud of having undertaken. A rare opportunity seized that few dare to take on. Wonderful photos and memories to savor for years to come. Am so glad you weren’t injured along the way. Looking forward to catching up once you have recovered back home.


  7. Helen

    Hi Jim,

    Sorry to hear the news, and I know it had to be a hard decision for you to make. You will get it done in the future, maybe start on the other side next time so you won’t be bored by all the same beautiful scenery. 🙂


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