Day 15: Custer to Rapid City, SD

IMG_1090Today was kind of a rest day. It started with a slow roll into Custer, SD, for coffee and then a ride to the Crazy Horse Monument (below), a privately funded Rushmore-like monument to Crazy Horse. If ever completed it will be several times larger than Mt Rushmore. Then we climbed to Mt Rushmore itself for a sag stop and lunch. Rushmore is pretty impressive and I’m glad I got a chance to see it. I’m sad to say that today was the last day on the ride for my friend Jim Miller, who was planning to ride to Minnesota but had to cut his ride short for business reasons.  That’s the two of us pictured at Mt. Rushmore.
Unfortunately toward the end of the ride I had another major mechanical failure when my front derailleur broke (the last problem was the rear derailleur). PAC Tour has jury-rigged a mechanical substitute that I hope works until a replacement front derailleur arrives later this week.  Kathy has been pressed into service to help arrange for bike part delivery. Hoping for the best! Today’s ride was 45 miles with 3700 feet of climbing. [Wife note: Did he say that is “kind of a rest day”?  He did.]    Remembering my dad today on what would have been his 90th birthday.




6 thoughts on “Day 15: Custer to Rapid City, SD

  1. Patty

    Lucky you! Love the Black Hills of SD. Mt. Rushmore is magnificent and was very impressed with Crazy Horse. Note sure of your 🚵🏻‍♂️ route, hopefully you will ride through Badlands, stop at Wall Drugs and see the Corn Palace — very interesting stops. Have fun & wishing you a speedy bike repair (not sure what a derailleur does, but it’s clearly important).


  2. Lis

    Really impressed with your ability to build a bionic bike while traveling 3500 miles across the country. It’s ok to replace the other parts when you get home.

    Here’s hoping for more “rest days” and interesting sag stops.

    Happy Bday to Superman, Sr.


  3. Erika

    Hey Jim!

    I just got caught up on your journey so far. The landscapes are stunning! So sorry to read about all your mechanical challenges, but happy (and not surprised) to hear they haven’t slowed you down.

    All the best,


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