Day 12: Powell, WY to Sheridan, WY


Today was one of our tougher days, but a good day! We crossed the Bighorn Mountain range, a “spur” of the Rockies. We climbed for over 26 miles at increasingly steep grades, which topped out at between 12 and 14 percent for about a mile. I’m not sure I’ve ever done climbing like that. I didn’t have too much trouble though I stopped twice for a breather, probably due to the altitude. It was also difficult to stay hydrated. The country is beautiful and desolate. We were rewarded with a descent of over 10 miles and it was a lot of fun! The day ended with a 20mike flat roll over hot plains into Sheridan.

Today and one day in South Dakota should be the end of our tough climbing until New York and Vermont (thank you glaciers!). Pretty soon, on the plains, our Challenge will be headwinds. Today’s ride was 122 miles with 7,500 feet of climbing.  The new bike part arrived today.  Hoping to get on my own wheels at the next stop.  Stay tuned!




3 thoughts on “Day 12: Powell, WY to Sheridan, WY

  1. Lis

    That sign—even the downhills are crazy on this trip! Congrats on conquering the Bighorn Mountains— and with only 2 “breathers”. I have been gasping since you started. 😏


  2. Margie

    That sign is totally awesome! The Bighorns are gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to do a backpacking trip there for a long time. Good luck with the bike fix!!!


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