Day 11: Columbus, MT to Powell, WY

We rolled through southwest Montana today and into Wyoming. Wyoming is much less forested than Montana but, thanks to irrigation, there are a lot of ranches and some farms. We saw corn for the first time and lots of baled hay. Lunch was just over the Wyoming border (yay, new state!). We’re traveling mostly southeast now after an initial northeast start. In the next few days we’ll start heading due east. I’m now riding in a consistent group of five people out of a total of 22 riders. Today was a tough ride and tomorrow will be even tougher, we go over the Bighorns. But I felt pretty good today! Tomorrow will be tough for everyone. Today’s ride was 110 miles with 5,300 ft of climbing.




4 thoughts on “Day 11: Columbus, MT to Powell, WY

  1. Lis

    It’s about time you left Montana. Good things to happen in Wyoming. Fingers crossed for that bike repair! Good luck on the “hills.”


  2. Debbie Woods

    HI Jim, what beautiful country and what a way to see and enjoy it. love the posts and fingers crossed for the bike repair. good luck on the hills….. Deb


  3. Sarah

    Jim – I so appreciate following your ride across the country & look forward to your daily update. The pictures are wonderful! You’re doing terrific and keep up the hard work!


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