Day 27…at the beach (Guest Blog)

Woo hoo! Jim is in to Tybee Island…full post to follow…

On the beach with Chris

16 thoughts on “Day 27…at the beach (Guest Blog)

  1. Jeffrey W. Smith

    Congrats Jim!
    I’ve read all your posts along your journey-
    The photos and stories were just great!
    Dave M. and I were really impressed, when we talked on your first few days on the road about you undertaking this journey…
    I’m glad you’re back safe and sound!
    Way to GO! My Gamma Brother in APO, from lo those many years ago


  2. Maloney

    Wow! Just–wow!! Amazing. Inspirational. Mind- boggling. Humbling. “Super Salvie” just took on a whole new meaning. Congratulations.


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