Day 26 – Metter, GA


A relatively easy ride through rural Georgia brings us to the cusp of the end of our adventure. We battled a mild headwind almost all day. It wasn’t that bad, but it just reminded us that we’ve had almost no tailwinds. We were on heavily traveled roads today, which was a problem because I’m starting to zone out on the bike! My legs are fine, but I think my fatigue manifests that way. One of the organizers was telling me they are looking to re-do this part of the route and maybe even add an extra day to get the group on back roads.

The south has all kinds of homes, some beautiful, some not so much. This little town of Metter has a tree lined boulevard with some of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of parts of Westchester County, New York.

We end the tour tomorrow on Tybee Island, GA with a relatively short 86 mile ride to the ocean!

Today’s ride was 117 miles.

IMG_0040 IMG_0039


12 thoughts on “Day 26 – Metter, GA

  1. Helen P.

    As much as I am resisting sounding like a fan, I am impressed. I still think you are crazy but it’s an impressive crazy! This is an early “welcome back to the office” as I will miss you next week, I am on vacation. See you on the 19th. Rest up!


  2. Pam

    I will miss your posts of progress. Sorry it’s (almost) over! You may need to hold a brief press conference/Q & A when you return to get the ??s and comments (and even a pat on the back) out of the way! Cheers and well done – you are a kindred spirit!


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