Day 25 – Perry, Georgia


The morning brought sun and fog, which made our entry into Georgia very beautiful. A large reservoir separates the two states where we crossed. The great weather continued through the day, though we had some mild headwinds. (I think we’ve had tailwinds only one day!) Lunch was at the Andersonville National Historical Site. Andersonville was a Confederate prisoner of war camp and is now a park and a national cemetery.

The organizers added four miles to our route today at the last minute to keep us off well traveled roads, but that took us around some hills. I’ll trade miles for climbing any day, but particularly on Day 25! Unlike most days, our last 20 miles was flat and pleasant.

Today’s ride was 120 miles. And we are in Georgia! Two more days of riding left until the Atlantic!

“Wailing Wall” – Andersonville NHS

“Wailing Wall” – Andersonville NHS

IMG_0476 P1020137


7 thoughts on “Day 25 – Perry, Georgia

  1. Leslie

    You just have HOURS left?! Go, Jim! So what kind of coffee do you like? 🙂 Cherish all these memories and the experience! Good luck and enjoy standing in the Atlantic! That moment will stay with you forever.


  2. mantha01

    I can’t believe its over already! Seems like it went a lot quicker than it sounded at the beginning. Hopefully for you as well. Uncle Buddy would be proud of you but still be shaking his head:)


  3. Tom Gibson

    Was following your movements second hand through Lisa, but I have now personally retroactively traced your trip through your blog and am “wicked impressed.” Congratulations! I hope you arrive safely. Your fellow MAPPA-ites will eagerly await your tales of romance and adventure. Well, adventure for sure. May I suggest your next tour be through the Tuscany region where at least you can toast yourself with wine and cheese every night!


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