Day 24 – Eufala, AL


Another day of rolling hills through rural Alabama, though the sun was out for most of the day and gave everything a better feel. We passed through small towns like Goshen, which has a big peanut market, and Clio, the birthplace of George Wallace and Hall of Fame Dodgers pitcher Don Sutton. Our interactions with dogs improved when a friendly Lab visited our first rest stop and tried to get riders to play fetch. We also saw a herd of cows running around a field, a very unusual sight. Apparently, when one feels like running, they all run. They ran over to check us out and although we stopped and tried to coax them closer, they got bored and ran away.

We are all marveling at the riding prowess of Gerry Goode, a 76 year old rider from Tucson (above) who kicks most of our butts every day. I rode in ahead of him today, to my surprise, but it was only because Gerry took a wrong turn. Gerry thinks I need a new bike. Who am I to argue?

My Achilles problem has gone away. My rear wheel hub seems to have worn out, but it’s been patched and should get me to Savannah. I’m riding at a steady, conservative pace, there’s still a whole state to go and no points for speed. So it’s looking good for a successful finish on Friday!

Today’s ride was 112 miles with 4900 feet of climbing.





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