Day 23 – Greenville, AL

Pine Apple, AL

More ups and downs through rural Alabama. My left Achilles’ tendon was giving me trouble the past two days so one of the trip leaders taped it in the “relaxed” position (toes down). That worked great for riding but I couldn’t walk! I’m no ballerina! No further trouble today, though.

We’ve certainly seen a lot of poverty as we’ve passed through rural Mississippi and Alabama, but one thing I can’t understand are towns that have simply abandoned their downtowns. Thomason, pictured below, is still a viable town but it’s downtown is just a bunch of crumbling buildings. The little town of Pine Apple is much better but maybe not too far behind. Is it because of malls, or Amazon, or both? On the other hand the small town of Greenville, where we are staying tonight, has a beautiful downtown.

Today’s ride was 129 miles with 4,200 ft of climbing. Our last “big mileage” day.




10 thoughts on “Day 23 – Greenville, AL

  1. Kristen Donovan

    Those buildings and town centers put our worries and debates over Pompo, the library and the fire station into perspective. I think Bill Wrigley’s office is bigger than PIneapple’s Town Hall! Safe travels….


  2. Leslie

    Glad you’re feeling okay today. Three days to go–WOW! Almost there, the end is in sight, well almost! What are you going to do after this amazing accomplishment…with all the free time?! Train for something else? 😉


  3. amy goganian

    okay, i am officially awe of you. you must feel like there is nothing you cannot do now if you set your mind to it. i have held to my matching martini pledge, so you can be proud of me too! Amy


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