Day 21 – Kosciusko, MS



We continued rolling through rural Mississippi on a cold, windy day. Fall has certainly arrived. However, the wind rarely came head on, and there are more trees here as we get farther from the Mississippi River valley so it wasn’t too bad. I rode with Chris, Lynn and Jim Miller most of the day as we passed through more cotton fields and small towns. Near our second rest stop a road was closed but we were able to “portage” our bikes across. We stopped at the general store in the town of Ebenezer to use the rest rooms and met another friendly group of residents who could not believe we had ridden bikes there from San Diego. So far the quality of the roads in Mississippi has been better than anything we’ve seen since California, to my surprise. There’s still lots of cotton in the fields even though the weather is turning colder, I think harvest time must be right about now. And I’ve noticed that the dogs here still chase, but they don’t have their heart in it the way the dogs in Arkansas did. Kind of going through the motions, looks like they wouldn’t know what to do if they, in fact, caught us. More like the dogs I’m used to.

Today’s ride was 100 miles.


5 thoughts on “Day 21 – Kosciusko, MS

  1. Jim O'Leary

    Wow. Four days to go. It’s not over until it’s over of course, but you have already shown that you CAN do this (like three times over, actually). I know we don’t know the whole story, how rough it must be at the end of the day, etc. But still.

    End strong now! Everyone is rooting for you.

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